Parents Networking to Improve Education?

So much is written these days about the importance of networking to establish a successful business.  What about parents networking to establish a successful educational experience for their children? 

Here are 5 tips that can get you started:

1.  Make sure you know your child’s teacher (s), and they know who you are.  Send them an e-mail, ask a question, or give a compliment.  Keep the lines of communication open and ongoing.

2.  Visit the school’s website frequently, checking for upcoming activities, events and announcements.  (Teacher’s e-mails can be located here as well. )

3.  Offer your area of expertise to the classroom or to the school.  Guest speakers are always appreciated and welcomed.

4.  Volunteer your time in the classroom, or get involved with a special school event.

5.   Introduce yourself to key personnel in the school such as the principal, vice principal,    and guidance counselor. Make an effort to actively communicate with other parents in your child’s classroom.

 Want to motivate your child?  Get involved!


About authoraliceiorio

A nationally known educator, with over 20 years of teaching experience (preschool- college) is President and founder of Champion Parenting, Inc., a nonprofit.
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