How can parents handle stress and anxiety in a way that teaches coping strategies to kids?

Children will respond as they have been taught. Parents play a huge role in the development of the character of the child.  Children are always listening to every word you say and watching your every move.  Even at a young age, children will begin to emulate both the actions and verbiage they observe.

 My advice is:

  • Recognize and acknowledge that you are indeed your child’s first teacher.  As the parent, you are in charge and the role model for your child.
  • Stress can be controlled or even eliminated with pre-planning, organization and thinking things through before acting.
  • Keep adult conversations away from young children.
  • When confronted with frustration, think 5! Is it a 5 minute problem, a 5 month problem, or a 5 year problem?  This will immediately put everything in proper perspective.
  • It is OK to show children you have challenges, but do not burden them with your problems.  Instead, maintain a positive attitude by learning to focus on your blessings and not your problems. 
  • Teach children that it is how we handle challenges and frustration that is important, keeping expectations high and knowing that it too shall pass!  Learn to use God’s scriptures as your strength and power over all situations.
  • Always have someone you can trust or confide in for words of encouragement.
  • Use writing as a technique for writing down your challenges. It always makes you immediately feel better when you can express yourself with no judgement.
  • Keep a balance between kid time and your time.
  • Join the YMCA, or a fitness center for networking, feeling physically and mentally strong.
  • Stay organized, have a game plan each day, and surround yourself with encouraging people.
  • Keep God first in your life, expecting the best, and waking up each morning with, today something good is going to happen to me!

About authoraliceiorio

A nationally known educator, with over 20 years of teaching experience (preschool- college) is President and founder of Champion Parenting, Inc., a nonprofit.
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