Where is your focus?

With our faced paced and demanding schedules, have you prepared your day to include actual face time with your children?  Yes, actual face time!  The reason is, many children are facing a variety of challenges today.  By taking the time to communicate with your child every day and by observing  his daily body language, parents can ultimately help their child to navigate through life’s challenges in a positive manner.

When children are very young, we were quick to help them with their basic needs. Communicating with children on a daily basis does not need to change as they grow older. The approach is different, but their basic needs remain the same.

Investing in meaningful face time allows parents to maintain a healthy communication with their child. This gives parents a road map to questionable behaviors, allowing them to intervene when necessary, and providing children with continual guidance, support and encouragement as needed.

Does your child look you in the eye when you are talking to him? Does your child avoid certain conversations?  Parents who maintain a daily dialogue with their child will find it easier to monitor behaviors, identify conflicts early, and provide the support the child needs if and when changes occur.  Changes that involve isolation, eating habits, failing to socialize, sleeping patterns can be red flags.  Parents need to identify and address these concerns immediately.  By ignoring, avoiding, or denying that there is a problem, will only make matters worse for the child.

Parents along with children need to also work together as a team providing continued support to each other until a workable solution is found.  When children can feel and understand that they are part of a team effort, that includes being loved unconditionally, encouraged and supported continually, they will be able to handle life’s challenges with confidence and a deeper sense of security.

All children need to be reassured by their parent’s actions, and daily communication.  If children do not receive or feel this support from their parents they will often look for solutions elsewhere.  This can be both dangerous and unfulfilling.

My heart breaks each time, I hear about children doing things that hurt themselves and others.  Life’s journey is tough enough, and we as adults must be there for our children supporting them with our words and encouraging them with our daily actions.


About authoraliceiorio

A nationally known educator, with over 20 years of teaching experience (preschool- college) is President and founder of Champion Parenting, Inc., a nonprofit.
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