Heading for the finish line!

Yes, it is already the 4th quarter in all schools, and soon children will be off for the summer wondering how they will spend their time. Heading for the finish line in school is very much like being in a basketball or hockey playoff situation. Students have practiced, and prepared for this school year, and now it is time to finish the school year strong.

Why is a strong finish important?  A strong finish will have children feeling confident about the goals achieved this year and motivated when it is time to begin the new school year. This is also a great time for parents to begin the discussion regarding plans and preparation for the summer months ahead.

It has been proven that children work best when involved in play, and when they can exercise their passion with a sense of purpose. I have always advocated for children to attend a summer camp. Summer camps not only help children with direction and purpose but provide additional opportunities to grow socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually.  Great camps provide a safe and supervised environment for children to take risks and to engage in activities that truly interest them.

With so many camps to choose from, it is equally important that parents take the time to discuss with their child the possibilities that each has to offer. Camps can be as basic as a local YMCA camp, or a church camp, to camps that specialize and address a particular skill or talent.  The important message here is for children to have fun, and continue to grow and develop throughout these summer months.

Here are a few suggestions you might want to consider:

*Take the time to discuss with your child his passions & interests, talents, or skills that might be pursued during the summer months.

*Research each camp to understand what it offers & how it corresponds to your child’s  individual needs and goals.

*Ask other parents about camps their children may have attended, or can recommend.

*Look for a friend to join a camp together with your child. It is always fun to do things together and parents can share transportation issues.

*Older children can attend a leadership/executive camp, volunteer as a camp counselor, or volunteer their time with a business that aligns with their future career goals.

*All final decisions should reflect a joint agreement between child and parent.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”John Maxwell

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A nationally known educator, with over 20 years of teaching experience (preschool- college) is President and founder of Champion Parenting, Inc., a nonprofit.
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