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Encouraging growth in children during the summer!

I find that children who are most eager to participate in summer activities are the ones who are excited about learning and who have an outgoing personality. I also believe that one’s environment plays an important role in fostering a … Continue reading

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How to talk to your child about losing weight & eating healthy?

When children are approached about their weight it is important for every child to understand the benefits of eating healthy. It is equally important for parents to model healthy eating habits, and to provide the guidance and the direction for … Continue reading

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Making Healthy Choices

It’s that time!  The holidays are just around the corner, and with all that left over Halloween candy, it is important for parents to help children make healthy choices. The first thing parents must understand is that healthy choices start … Continue reading

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Are You Teaching Your Child About Money?

We all know how important money is, right!  But how many of us will take the time to teach and expose our children to important financial concepts that will affect their lives. Parents generally assume that children will learn many of these concepts … Continue reading

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Essential Steps to Achieve “Champion Parenting”

Participation: Stay involved at all levels of your child’s education. Attitude: Keep a positive attitude & keep academics the no. one priority. Rules: Rules in the home need to be established early. Expectation: You get what you expect! Networking: Network … Continue reading

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