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But all my friends are doing it?

How many times have parents heard this? Peer pressure is indeed real and children, especially teenagers need to be equipped to handle it. So as parents, what can you do? First, hold an open conversation with your child explaining that … Continue reading

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Back to School: Transitioning from Middle to High School

This is an exciting time for children. They are ready to begin their selected courses and are looking forward to new responsibilities and activities. At least, they should be! What if this is not the case? Here are 3 parenting … Continue reading

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Teenagers in Transition

Notice how a sweet child can suddenly turn into an angry teenager. I am talking angry and also mean.  Hold on, there is a reason for this sudden change in personality. Teenagers are in a transitional stage. What that means is … Continue reading

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Keeping teenagers active this summer!

What it takes is a little bit of teamwork. Parents need to have a plan of action in place that requires organization and communication. Teenagers should not be left unsupervised at home with too much idle time on their hands. … Continue reading

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