Leaders are Learners

Leaders understand that the mind is the most important tool, and one must take the time to sharpen it constantly. Therefore, leaders are constantly in training as Howard Hendricks puts it, “if you stop learning today, you stop leading tomorrow.”

According to Stan Toler, author of “Minute Motivators for Leaders”, leaders practice with the discipline of an athlete, read the manuals and do the roadwork. They also seek the counsel of good coaches who will provide instruction to hone their skills without discouraging them.”

This is why leadership training needs to be an important component in our education system. For the best way to learn about leadership is to become one!

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Help for the Back 2 School Blues

Yes, school is right around the corner. Seeing all the back 2 school
sales going on I wonder how much is invested in the child’s mental preparation?
To help parents prepare for the new school year, I have included the following
article recently written in the WSJ, by Dr. Price.

In this article, Dr. Price, a psychologist from New York City
weighs in on the cure for adolescent laziness. You know, the ones who have
time for video games but not for their school work! Dr. Price offers the following
suggestions for parents:

1. Stop telling him how smart he is. Research by Carol Dweck, a professor at Stanford University, shows that constantly telling children they are good at something actually discourages them from trying harder at it-and telling them how smart they are gives them an expectation that they must live up to. Instead, it is better to praise them for working hard.

2. Stop doing the dishes for him. Children are not helped when parents take care of household chores because the children are “too busy” with homework, sports and other activities. Treating them like royalty gives them an unrealistic message about life-that they are special. As Dr. Price so eloquently states, seeing parents take out the garbage does not inspire a teenager to rush, with gratitude to his studies. Rather, the teen concludes that he is above all of that drudgery.

3. Don’t let him off easy. Clinical psychologist Wendy Mogul states that it is easier for parents to feed, shelter and clothe their children than it is for them to set effective limits.
By not enforcing limits, you are conveying again that your child is special, and that the rules of the world do not apply to him.

4. Don’t make him shine for you. Don’t make unrealistic expectations for your child. Look for opportunities that provide a good fit for your child, rather than looking for names of colleges or schools that add class to your car’s rear window or bumper.

And finally, remember that not all adolescent brains mature at the same rate. So sharpen your saw and be equally prepared for the new school year ahead!

Champion Parenting (Building Leaders for Life)

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Encouraging growth in children during the summer!

I find that children who are most eager to participate in summer activities are the ones who are excited about learning and who have an outgoing personality. I also believe that one’s environment plays an important role in fostering a child’s participation and willingness to try different things during these summer months.

The fact is we all learn from each other. Children continually watch their parents
and older siblings, as well as their friends very closely. All can have a direct influence
on a child’s future participation and behavior. In fact, being the youngest of four children, I can look back and see how my older sister influenced my participation in activities and even in my chosen career path.

Children’s friendships are another factor that affects a child’s willingness to participate.
We are all aware of peer pressure. That is why it is imperative for children to be surrounded by friends who will elevate their thinking and provide additional support when needed.

Summer is an excellent time when parents can engage in open communication, encouragement, and role modeling with their children. Children will then begin to operate with the necessary confidence feeling safe and ready to expand their opportunities and become active participants in life.

Enjoy this time together building memories and helping children to aim high, live life, and use their talents to make this world a better place.

In summary, participation at an early age should be encouraged for it sets the tone for taking future risks. All experiences both positive and negative help to build a child’s personal growth and development.

After all, according to Edward Everett Hale, “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”

Champion Parenting (Building Leaders for Life)

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Leadership and Learning

John Fitzgerald Kennedy once said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

As an educator, I have found that students who are most successful learn to develop teamwork and time management skills, along with strong discipline.

It is therefore crucial that we take the time to teach students the skills, traits, and characteristics of what true leadership looks like! Only then will we produce students who will have the knowledge to be effective and an action plan to be productive!

Our world needs qualified leaders!

Champion Parenting, Inc.
(Building Leaders for Life)

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The only way to better understand leadership, is to become one!

Back 2 School, “Women’s Leadership Challenge” will take place
on August 4th-6th, at Valencia College. High School counselors from
Osceola School District have selected and invited women in grades
10-12, to attend this event.

As women, this is an important time we can make a positive difference
in our families, our community, and in our society. We must never
underestimate the power of a women’s influence.

Champion Parenting, Inc. (Building Leaders for Life)

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Focus Friday: Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History month. This year’s theme involves
the 3-C’s: Character, Courage, and Commitment.

We can look back at our rich history of women’s contributions and agree that women have accomplished much. However, we cannot stop here. We need to continue to encourage all women regardless of age to unlock their strengths and unleash their dreams to fulfill their true potential. It is by our individual growth that success can be measured.

Each of us come into this world designed with individual talents to succeed, but are you destined to succeed? The choice is up to you!

Champion Parenting (Building Leaders for Life)

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This Super Bowl reminded me in some ways of the story of David and Goliath. You have Russell Wilson at 5’ 11”, and only his second year in the NFL And on other side, you have Peyton Manning, 6’ 5”, voted recent MVP, and seasoned veteran with an existing super bowl ring, along with a huge following of supporters.

But wait just one minute, what just happened? We were all led to believe that with a number one MVP quarterback even a number one defense would find it difficult to win! But instead, the Seahawks were unstoppable.

How did that happen? If you look at the chain of events preceding this game, you will see how indeed this happened.

After watching several interviews with the Seahawks organization I found out the following:

First of all, on board is Dr. Payne, a Chaplin with this organization since 1994, where his primary role is serving as the Pastor of Leadership Development and discipleship Training. He has been instrumental in encouraging and keeping this Seahawks team grounded and active in faith, trusting God no matter whether they win, lose, or tie and aggressive as servant leaders and soldiers for our Lord Jesus Christ. (Believing)

Second, this team actively envisioned a championship from day one by creating a team video of already achieving their goal. (Expecting)

Third, all team members understood & practiced the important principle of putting God first, family second, and football last. (Receiving)

And finally, when a team or organization is founded on a strong foundation that believes, expects, and receives, all things are possible.

Even though I am a devoted Steeler fan, I must take this time to congratulate this organization, and this city for exercising their faith and for receiving their victory before the whole world to see!

Champion Parenting (Building Leaders for Life)

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